Superior Schedule

We have been representing cattle on Superior Livestock Video Auctions since 2004. With over 9000 registered buyers across the US you are sure to get the best price for your calves. Last year was our biggest year ever, representing over 11,000 calves in 2017. We've developed a reputation for good quality cattle. This has helped us establish relationships with buyers all across the country. Every feedlot in the country watches the big Summer Sales because they know the best calves will be offered on them. Last year Silver Bit sired calves topped the summer sales. We have a number of buyers that call us asking for a list of Lots that are Silver Bit sired calves. Give us a call if you'd like us to help you market your cattle on Superior.

What feedlots have to say about calves out of Silver Bit bulls…

Calves out of Silver Bit bulls are consistently great feedlot performers with excellent grading characteristics that are amazing on the grid.
- Cevin Jones, Intermountain Beef

I bought a load of your steers on the Superior Video on 3/8/2013. They were very good cattle and just wanted to let you know how they performed. We fed them at our feedlot in Minatare, NE. Started with 70 steers @732# payweight. The decision was made to feed these steers a little longer than normal on a natural ration. It seemed like they wouldn't quit growing and I had other cattle that had quit with a limited number of kill slots. Your steers paid on 1508# pay weight; 11.76% Prime; 83.82% Choice; 4.42% Select. 3.2 ADG on 100% Natural Ration/no implants. Thanks for making the right type of black cattle...they worked for us.
- Lane Gardiner, Silver Spur Ranches